Military Cartridge & Current Pistol Sections
7.63x25mm Mauser (30 Mauser)
,85 grain
The 7.63 x 25mm Mauser (also called 30 Mauser) was introduced in 1893 by Hugo Borchardt of
the U.S.A., which, was adopted for the 7.63x25mm (also called 30 Mauser) Mauser Broomstick
Pistol in 1893. The 7.63 x 25mm (30 Mauser) is "
not" the same as the 30 Luger, or 7.65 x 21mm
Parabellum, which is a shorter cartridge 21 mm vs. 25mm long.
Warning to new owners of a Mauser Broomstick pistol:
If you have a broomstick pistol, you have a highly prized collectible firearm. Please do "not" use
7.62 x 25mm Russian Tokarev Ammunition! It is a higher pressure loading and can destroy your
firearm and injure you! Use only real 7.63 x 25mm lower pressure (30 Mauser) ammunition!
"Newly Made" with New Brass. 7.63x25 Mauser (30 Mauser)
"NON-CORROSIVE!" Reloadable Brass Cases
Loaded with a 85 Grain
FMJ projectile "Full Metal Jacket"