7.62x51 Nato "TRACER" Lake City 2012
$ 2.75 per Cartridge
Military Cartridge Section
7.62x51 Nato Section
The 7.62x51mm NATO also  known as the 308
Winchester in Sporting Cartridges was the USA
submitted (T-65) tested in the early 1950s by
The T-65 was a  30-06 case, shortened from
63mm to 51 mm long.
It is still considered a standardized NATO Cartridge,
along with the 5.56x45mm to this day.
This item is a Tracer cartridge made by Lake City
Ammunition Arsenal, which I believe, is being run
today but the Federal Cartridge Company for
government contracts.
Note the NATO (+) insignia on the head-stamp.
"LC (+) 12 "  Headstamp