7.62x51mm NATO for the Military & .308 Winchester (Commercial)
Military Cartridge Stock Section
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Winchester introduced the .308 Winchester (Commercial Designation) to the public as a Sporting Cartridge in 1952 for  
short-action rifles with the power of a long-action rifle cartridge.
The 7.62x51mm NATO or 7.62 NATO  (Military Designation) basically same as the .308 Winchester cartridge was adopted
by U.S. Military in 1954 and by NATO in the early 1950s, but the U.S. Military did not have rifles for the caliber until 1957.
The 7.62 NATO is basically a shortened 30-06 and it replaced the 30-06 as the basic U.S. Military Personnel Rifle until the
5.56x45 NATO, or (.223 Remington) in 1961.
The 7.62 NATO is still used by the U.S. Military and other NATO Military countries, and has pasted the test of time as a
great hunting and Military cartridge.
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