Military Cartridge Section
7.62x39mm M43, also called 7.62x39mm Soviet
The 7.39x39mm M43* was in the design stage by the Soviets beginning in early World War II to 1943 to compete against the
7.92x39mm Kurz cartridge used in the German MKB42 assault rifle.
It was first used in the SKS, a semi-automatic assault rifle in 1943 and later in the famous
AK-47 assault rifle.
(AK for the designer Avtomat Kalashnikova and 47 for the year the rifle was introduced, 1947.)
M43* was the bullet used in original 7.62x39 cartridges. The Soviet M43 bullets are 123 grain boat-tail bullets produced
with copper-plated steel jacket, a large steel core, and some lead between the core and the jacket.
Today, at this writing in 2019, after 76 years, the 7.62x39 has not only passed the test of time , but is the most widely used
military cartridge in the world, used in all Warsaw Pact countries: China, Russia, etc... and the middle east and far east
counties. It is also a very popular sporting cartridge all over the world, including the USA. There are thousands of variations
and different head-stamps of this caliber.