(1984) 7.62 SLAP Prototype (before 1985 production!)
7.62 mm, NATO, (SLAP) = Saboted Light Armor Penetrator
Military Cartridge Section
7.62x51mm NATO Section
The SLAP, for Saboted Light Armor Penetrator
was introduced by Winchester for use by the
U.S. Military in 1985.
It is made in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester)
and 50 BMG (.50cal Browning Machine Gun) by
incorporating a polymer translucent sabot, which
allows for the use of a tungsten steel penetrator
projectile in 22 caliber diameter that allows for a
much higher velocity, which increases penetration.
These cartridges were from the "test phase" of
the project, before they were adopted by the
U.S. Military, and before cases with the word
"SLAP" on the headstamp were produced for
mass production.  Very Limited!
Firm Limit of One per Collector
"WCC  84" Head Stamp
for 1984
Winchester Cartridge Company.
LIMIT ONE, $75.00 per
We do not use the word "Rare" often,
but on this item it is RARE