Frankfort  Arsenal (1965) FA 65
Head Stamp  $ 29.75 per Cartridge
7.63 NATO Duplex
Winchester WRA Headstamp ,
with NATO Symbol on Headstamp
Even though the 7.62 NATO (Winchester 308) was destined  to be replaced by the
5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington) in the early to mid 1970s, the US Military was still
with this caliber in  "Project Salvo".
Project Salvo used Frankford Arsenal and Winchester crimped primer cases for the
7.62 NATO; these cartridges are from that mid 1960's military experimental project.
The 7.62 NATO Duplex was only one caliber in the multi projectile project; also used were
5.56 NATO, .22/7.62x51mm (a 7.62 NATO necked down to .22 Cal.), 30-06, 22/30-06
(a 30-06 30 caliber necked down to 22 caliber), and many others calibers.
The 7.62 Duplex is a fairly scarce item, I was very lucky to get just a few.
The picture showing the sectioned cartridge is not the same as the items for sale, only to
show you how the projectiles may look on the inside of the cartridge.
If  deactivated to ship outside 48 lower States of the USA, cases should be drilled,
not projectiles pulled.
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