British Cartridges
700 Nitro Express
The 700 Nitro Express is a completely new design and not based on any other caliber.
Many believe the 700 Nitro Express is a British invention; however, it was developed by two Americans;
Jim Bell and William Feldstein and the Eldorado Cartridge Corporation in the mid to late 1980s.
To make a long story short, Holland & Holland Firearms Company of  England refused to make Mr. Feldstein a
600 Nitro rifle as they had completed that series, so Mr. Bell and Mr. Feldstein asked Holland & Holland to build
a new rifle designed for (their invention) the new 700 Nitro Express.
To date, only a very few rifles have been produced for the 700 Nitro Express, as with a 1,000 grain projectile
traveling at 2,000 feet per second, the energy is almost 9,000 foot pounds.
Most of the cartridge production is for cartridge collectors, as the 700 Nitro Express is more like a small
artillery round than a rifle cartridge; the rifle is appx. $200,000.00 or more.
This is the largest commercial cartridge currently available to the general public (that I am aware of) to date.