Current Pistol Cartridges
7.5mm FK BRNO
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Introduced in the USA in 2019, the 7.5mm FK BRNO ammunition cartridge is a completely new proprietary cartridge
caliber for use in the 7.5 FK BRNO single action semi-auto pistol with a double stacked magazine.
The case is 27 mm long, the total length of the cartridge is 35 mm and the head diameter of the case is 10.8 mm.                 
This caliber is not a necked down version of any other caliber.
The case is designed to withstand higher pressures than is usually used in pistol calibers.
Muzzle velocity: 610 m/s (2000 fps) ,Velocity at 100 m (110 yds): 465 m/s (1525 fps) Muzzle energy: 1200 J (880 ft/lbs/in.)
Energy at 100 m (110yds): 700 J (520 ft/lbs/in)
Bullets weights: 6.17g (95 gr) All Copper Hollow Point