Current European Sporting Cartridges
6mm Bench Rest Norma or 6mm B.R. Norma
Norma introduced the 6mm B.R. Norma BR or 6mm Bench Rest Norma in 1996 and considered it a extreme long range
cartridge using a design with a very long 105 grain very low drag or VLD projectile.
The 6mm BR Norma is considered a current cartridge, still produced today (at this writing 04/25/19) but hard to find.
The 6.. B.R. Norma has the same case measurements as the now obsolete 6mm BR Remington or 6mm Bench Rest
However, the 6mm B.R. Norma has an over all Length (O.A.L.) including the projectile, longer than the 6mm BR Remington
cartridge, and the 6mm B.R. Norma rifle has a longer chamber then the 6mm BR Remington rifle.
For that reason the 6mm B.R. Norma is considered a competely  different caliber then the 6mm BR Remington
Please note above picture on
the left, for size comparison:
Left is
6mm BR Remington
Right is
6mm B.R. Norma.
Both Cartridges have the same
case measurements, however
the 6mm B.R. Norma has a
longer projectile and a longer
chamber in the rifle, there for
is considered another caliber.