American Obsolete Sporting Cartridges
Remington introduced the "6mm Bench Rest Remington or 6mm BR Remington" in 1988, but the design goes back to the
early 1960s as wildcats were designed by shortening the 308 case and reducing the mouth to accept 6mm projectiles.
Remington designed this cartridge as a bench rest cartridge with a 100 grain projectile JSP, for use in Remington XP-100
pistol. The 6mm BR Remington is now obsolete, and no longer factory produced by Remington.
6mm Bench Rest Remington or 6mm BR Remington
Please note above picture on
the left, for size comparison:
Left is
6mm BR Remington
Right is 6mm B.R. Norma.
Both Cartridges have the same
case measurements, however
the 6mm B.R. Norma has a
longer projectile and a longer
chamber in the rifle, there for
is considered another caliber.