The 6mm XC (also known as 6XC) is a rifle cartridge developed specifically
for NRA High Power match shooting by famous David Tubb, an eleven
time NRA High Power National Champion. The 6XC is a 1000
yard cartridge and is considered one of the most accurate long
range 6mm rounds in the world that was designed for
repeating rifles.  Brass is commercially produced by Norma.
Current Rifle Cartridges
6mm XC or 6XC or 6 XC
$ 5.50 per
cartridges for sale on left
are custom loaded
using Norma Brass
115 Grain DTAC
(The David Tubb blended
Boron Nitride Coating)
Hollow Point Projectile
2,900 Feet per Second
Energy 2,148 Foot Pounds
Smokin' Hot!