Military Cartridge Section
6.8 Remington SPC
Introduced in 2005, the 6.8mm Remington SPC (SPC for Special Purpose Cartridge) or 6.8x43mm was developed by Remington for
evaluation by the Armed Services in response to a request for a cartridge with a terminal energy more nearly like the 7.62 NATO (.308
Winchester) while retaining the low recoil of the 5.56 NATO (.223 Remington).
The Remington design is based on shortening the base case of the semi-auto .25, .30, .32 Remington series and necking it to accept 6.8
mm (.270) projectiles, for the M4 / M16 and AR-15 platforms.
The cartridge has been used and tested in Irag, however the U.S. Marine Corps decided not to adopt the 6.8 SPC due to logistical
and cost issues
, but is being used in the DEA.
It is still used in todays commercial market, in AR-15 and other actions