Current Rifle Cartridges
6.5 PRC by Hornady, New for 2017
New in 2017, Hornady announces the 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) for long range hunters shooting a 1,000 yards or
more with a 147 grain projectile moving at 2910 feet per second at the muzzle. ( Basically a shorted, necked down 375 Ruger)
Chambered  in rifles by GA Precision, Gunwerks, Horizon Firearms, PROOF Research, Stuteville Precision and Seekins
Precision and more manufactures to follow.
The new 6.5 PRC is slightly shorter the Winchester SM (Winchester Short Magnum) cases.
The 6.5 PRC starts it shoulder longer up the case then 7mm Rem S.A.U.M. With a steeper 30 degree angle and almost the
same case length as the 7mm Rem. S.A.U.M.  .
Please note in the top
right picture for size comparison,
On Left:
300 Winchester Super Magnum
In Center:
New 6.5 PRC
On Right:
7mm Remington S.A.U.M*
* Short Action, Ultra Magnum