5.2x68 Mondragón
Military Cartridge Stock Section
The 5.2x68mm  Mondragón was an early attempt at high velocities by Manuel Mondragon, a Mexican Army officer
in the early  1890s who invented the self-loading rifle. However, according to (Petersen’s Guns of the World, 1972,
issue 330, page 21) it was Colonel Rubin, Director of the Swiss factory at Thun Switzerland‎ who designed the
cartridge and who held the patents on the cartridge. My thanks to Chris Punnett for the information on the above.
Please Note, the picture to the left.
Far Left:
5.2x68 Mondragón with factory lubricate
Second From Left:
5.2x68 Mondragón , cleaned and polished
Far Right drawing:
Please note the sectioned drawing of
cartridge, shows how the long projectile
is kept straight by the piston and both are
driven forward when the cartridge is