The cartridges available
to the right are UMC
or Winchester in 3 grades:
$24.95 per Cartridge
.58 Musket
The .58 Musket (Berdan) was used in 58 caliber Berdan musket rifles converted to accept
There were two versions: the carbine, which had a case length of apx. 1.1" to apx. 1.5" and the
version, which had a case length of apx. 1.63" to apx. 1.75 ".  Please note the case length is just
the case length, not over-all  length which includes  the projectile.
The Berdan rifles were used by many nations' militaries outside the United States.
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The below items for sale are well over 100 years old and condition will not be new, but
considering the
age they are not bad, we have graded them into 3 Grades, see below:
$ 19.95 per Cartridge
$ 14.95 per Cartridge
Grade A, Excellent Condition,
very minor tool marks
and light spots
Grade B, Good Condition,
minor tool marks and very minor
limited to one side, light corrosion;
still displays very well
Grade C, Good to Fair Condition,
tool marks and dents, mostly limited
one side, some corrosion but will still
display  well on one side