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The 585 Nyati is one of the most or the most powerful "Shoulder-Rifle" cartridges in
the world, with over 10,600 foot pounds of energy(yes, I know the 50 Cal BMG is more
powerful, but it is not a Shoulder-Rifle as most weigh in at 40 to 50 pounds).
NYATI (N-Ya-Te) means "Cape Buffalo" in many African tribes.
The cartridge was orginally a wild cat cartridge developed
by Ross Seyfreid by modifing the 577 Nitro Case, and reducing the diameter of the rim,
making the rim slightly rebated.
These were custom loaded with 700 Grain "Full Metal Jacket" solid projectiles, using
Bertram brass imported from Australia.
Huge cartridge, see smaller 30-30 for size comparision.
This was a Wildcat cartridge, but now that brass is being produced, you may consider it,
now a Proprietary cartridge?
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