577 Snider
British Cartridges
The Cartridges available on above are unloaded, (one) unfired  brass case, and
(One) Projectile, which if put together make a great display piece.
"KYNOCH 577" Head Stamp, 480 grain Lead Projectile, no primer.
Above Loaded, Very Early, Kynoch, Brass, Black Powder from the box!
$34.95 per Cartridge   Limit One!
One Cartridge (Brass &
Bullet) @ $14.75
The 577 Snider was adopted by the British Military in 1867, first tested and used in converted 1853 Pattern muskets,
then a small amount of converted Enfield rifles, and finally the (then) new Snider rifle in 1866.
The first cartridges was a cardboard paper body with a metal base similar to a shot-shell, then later to this brass case.
The 577 Snider was replaced in 1871 by the 577/450.