The 577 B.P. Express (B.P.= Black Powder) was introduced in the early 1870's,
and  was changed to  the .577" Nitro Express in the early 1900's when it was
loaded with "Cordite"
(see picture) smokeless powder.
Today this cartridge is loaded with regular smokeless powder as cordite is
no longer in production.
It was produced in 3 lenghts: 2
&3/4", 3" and  3&1/4" lengths).
   $ 59.95  per Cartridge
British Cartridges
.577" Nitro Express
Cordite Smokeless
Cordite was the first
smokeless powder developed
in 1887 by
Sir Frederick Abel and
James Dewar.
Obsolete since early 1920s
Cordite looks and feels like
uncooked reddish spaghetti.
The above cartridge for sale is new product,
with 750 grain, bright brass, soft point projectiles,
new smokeless powder,and a 3 inch long brass case.
The product on the left
is an older Kynoch
cartridge with a different
Head Stamp then the
newer cartridge above.
Head Stamp
3 inch case, 750 grain
Jacketed Soft Point
Dull finish but can be
easily polished
if you wish.
$ 59.95 per
Out of Stock, More to follow soon
Out of Stock