British Cartridges
.577 Black Power Express aka: 577 B.P. Express
The 577 B.P. Express (B.P.= Black Powder)
was introduced in the early 1870's with a
&1/2"case and later in 2&3/4", 3" and
&1/4" versions which basically replaced the
577 Snider variants.
The Black power charge was a huge 35 to
190 grains of black powder.
The 577 B.P. Express was changed to the
.577" Nitro Express in the early 1900's when
it was loaded with (the then) new "Cordite"
smokeless powder.
This is a very hard item to find today.
To the right is a speciman by Kynoch, 3" case and
factory loaded before 1930s with a 570 grain lead
"Copper Tube"projectiles.