56-56 Spencer
The 56-56 Spencer Rimfire was introduced in 1860 and  
was the first Spencer Cartridge and Rifle. It was used in
the Civil War in 1863, on the order of President Lincoln.  
It was later manufactured  by many companies until 1920.
It is now a scarce item, as you can't reload rimfire
ammunition. To learn more check out Barber's rimfire
book, in our book section!    
3 different
Left Picture
Spencer (no headstamp)
believed to be made
in the 1860s by the Stamp
Copper Company
for Spencer Rifle Company.
The case was made by
W.R.A. (Winchester
Repeating Arms)
for the Stamp Copper
Company, who finished the
cartridge for Spencer Rifle
The reason being in those days
the Gun maker (Spencer) had to
supply the cartridges for the gun
they produced, as no one esle
would have them available. They
may also be Springfield Armory,
using C.D. Leet Cases, at any
rate, they are old !  Only 1
Cartridge  available .
Left Picture
( H headstamp )
produced by
Repeating Arms Company
from 1878 to app. 1911
Right Picture
Spencer (U headstamp) produced by
Union Metallic Cartridge Company
from 1867 to app. 1911.
However, the impressed "U"
headstamp was  used  from 1887 to
1911,  so this  is in that era.
only 1 cartridge available.