56-52 Spencer
The 56-52 Spencer
Cartridge was introduce
in 1866 as an alteration of
the 56-50 Spencer, which
Spencer believed had to
much case crimp on the
bullet. The 56-50 and
56-52 are interchangeable
as they have the same size
bullet, just less crimp on
the  50-52. Production on
the 50-52 cartridge was
discontined by all
manufactures  in 1920.
Only 3 ( 56-52 Spencer) available as of 9/24/04. see
picture above! Left to Right : $39.50 each cartridge
No.1. - no headstamp,  rounded bullet,
No.2. - no headstamp,  pointed bullet,
No.3. - "H"     Winchester Headstamp,
I will try to update as they sell out, first come first choice.
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