("Parent Cartridge")
408 Chey Tac
This huge monolith is a dummy
prototype of a wildcat cartridge  
that may become a proprietary.
It is one caliber in a line of  5
different calibers, developed from
the 408 Chey Tac cartridge.
The new Wells Express Rifles, may
become available in .375 Wells,
.404 Wells, .416 Wells, .510 Wells
and this one the .550 Wells
Express, with (700 grain S.P.)
We were lucky enough to get a few
on this caliber only, the biggest.
They may not make production?
550 Wells
$ 29.95
per Cartridge
Dummy Prototype,
Wildcat, Proprietary
Limit One Inert Cartridge!
Out of Stock, no more
available for now