Military Cartridge Section
.50 Remington Navy Revolver (M67)
History of .50 Remington Revolver cartridge; two versions: The first version was the .50 Remington Navy (M67)
which was introduced in the U.S.A. around 1866 for the Navy Model 1867 (M67) and was a straight wall with very
slight tapered rim-fire cartridge and later as a straight tapered wall center-fire case.
The second version was .50 Remington (M71) Army,  a “bottle necked” case for the Remington Army Model 1871
rolling block pistol introduced in 1870 had an “Inside Primed” Benet Cup internal primed center-fired cartridge.
Then later, sometime around 1873, the cartridge primer changed to an external primed (Martin Primed) and later
to a regular, more modern, outside primed case.
Ammunition was loaded by both Remington and Winchester and was available until about 1920, making this caliber
obsolete for over 96 years on regular primed and up to 146 years on inside primed at this writing.
The Army (M71) version has a large diameter projectile and will not fire in the Navy (M67) revolver.
Below .50 Remington (M-671) Navy Revolver Cartridge
.50 Remington (M67) Navy
revolver cartridge produced
by U.M.C. with large oval
copper primer in raised head