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                   50 GI by Guncrafter Industries
Below written by Guncrafter Industries on the 50 GI cartridge & firearm.
Introduced in 2004 and developed from the ground up specifically for their Model No.1 pistol.
It is a very strong, thick walled cartridge which, when loaded, is approximately the same over-all length as a 45 ACP round.
Due to the large caliber, the cartridge operates at relatively low pressures and has a long reloading life.
The concept was to create a practical .5" or .50 caliber 1911 without unnecessary bulk or weight, but with increased  
knock-down power.
Factory loads for the50 GI  typically drives a 300 grain bullet at 700 -725 fps, which translates into a 210 power factor.
This is achieved without loss of controllability. Firing this load feels comparable to shooting a standard .230 hard ball factory
However, the 50 GI is a very versatile cartridge and can be loaded to higher or lower levels, as desired.  
Another factory load drives the same 300 grain bullet at 900 fps and puts some serious stopping power downrange, while still
being quite controllable for the seasoned 45 ACP shooter.
The 50 GI is a Proprietary Cartridge with an extremely rebated rim and an outside case diameter of .526" compared to the 45
ACP at .469"
Please note in all photos, right picture
shows .50 GI (left) vs. 45 ACP (right)
for size comparison.  

Available in:
FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) Top Left Photo.
JHP  (Jacketed Hollow Point) Top Right Photo
CHP (Solid Copper Hollow Point) Bottom Left