The 500/450 No.1 B.P. Express was aslo called the Carbine,  the
Express and Musket was introduced in the 1880's.
Westly Richards designed and made the 500/450
No.1 (2 & 3/4") "BP" Express.
These are those Westly Richards Cartridges,
paper patched tube bullet. "BP" for Black Powder.
These were not the same as the 500/450 (3&1/4")
Magnum Express BPE (Black Powder Express)
or the 500/450 (3&1/4") Nitro Express (Smokeless).
These are
very early
paper patched
tube Projectile.
$ 49.95
per Cartridge
British Cartridges
"500/450 No.1" Carbine, Express, or Musket
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