The 50-70 Musket or 50-70 Governemt was adopted into the U.S.Military in
1866, and was the first Centerfire used by the U.S. Military until 1873.
It has been obsolete for many years, which means not made by the major
manufacturers, Winchester, Remington and Federal, it has been produced by a
few smaller  makers, in limited amounts.
We currently have three verisons available, below:
50-70 Government
Military Cartridge Stock
From the box in the picture,
450 grain lead projectiles,
and early "REM-UMC"
Head Stamp, by Remington
after they bought UMC.
Nickel Primer.
The cartridges are clean and
in excellent condition, with
minormarks, if any.
Private Label
Union Metallic Company
Originial production from the
box pictured, , 450 grain lead
projectiles, and copper primers,
early "UMC"Head Stamp by
Union Metallic Co, before they
bought out by Remington.
The cartrides are in excellent
condition, with minor
marks, if any.
$ 29.95 per
Private label, made with New
Brass, Non-Corrosive,
loaded with Black Powder
substitute to lower presures
for older rifles.
$9.95 per Cartridge
     limit one
$ 89.95 per
10 cartridges
Currently limit is one cartridge
on above, until we receive more
Out of Stock
$ 19.95 per Cartridge
   limit one