4.6x30mm HK
The 4.6x30mm is a proprietary cartridge designed in
2007/2008 for the HK, MP7 machine gun, although
other firearms may now be chambered in this caliber.
With a hardened steel core AP (Armor Piercing)
FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) the 4.6x30mm projectile
can penetrate 22 layers of Kevlar or a Kevlar helmet
at 50 yards.
The round was designed as a competitor to the
5.7x28mm round developed  by Fabrique Nationale.
In comparison, the 4.6x30mm fired out of the MP7
is  a little slower and offers a slightly shorter range
and reduced terminal ballistics than the 5.7x28mm
fired out of the P90.
The 4.6x30mm is one of the latest versions of an
HK project that was looking to replace the
5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington) with a
shorter AP  (Armor Piercing) cartridge to reduce
weight and recoil and yet still able to  penetrate
of body armor and stopping power of the
heavier 5.56 NATO cartridge.
This ammunition has regular FMJ projectiles, not
steel core AP projectiles.
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