480 Ruger
Pistol Current Cartridge Section

The 480 Ruger pictured to the  
left are the
specimens we have
for sale.
400 Grain "XTP"
Jacketed Hollow Point
The 480 Ruger was introduced in 2004 and is the only pistol cartridge that
bears the name Ruger.
The cartridge was derived by shortening the 475 Linebaugh case, which was
derived by shorting a 45-70 rifle case.
Used in the Ruger Revolver and possibly other makers, it is an excellent hunting
cartridge, with more power then a 44 Magnum, but less then the 454 Caswull.
Pictured to the right: (A.) 480 Ruger, (B.) 475 Linebaugh, (C.) 45-70