Current Pistol Cartridge Section
475 Linebaugh
Specimens for sale, pictured
on left.
Factory loaded by Hornady,
loaded with a 400 grain "XTP"
JHP or "Jacketed Hollow
Point" projectile.
The 475 Linebaugh was designed John Linebaugh and introduced in May 1988 issue of Guns &
Ammo magazine, as a proprietary cartridge. Ammunition by Hornady was introduced in 2004.
The 475 Linebaugh is based on the 45-70 rifle case, shortened to 1.5", and also with a shorter rim
diameter then the 45-70.
Pistols chambered in this caliber may also be able to shot the 480 Ruger cartridge as the
480 Ruger is a shortened version of the 475 Linebaugh.
The caliber has velocities up to 1,500 feet per second, and energy up to 1,840 foot pound per inch.
Picture to the Right: (A.) 480 ruger, (B.) 475 Linebaugh, (C.) 45-70