460 Smith & Wesson
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460 S&W for Smith & Wesson, Loaded
by Hornady, with
200 grain "TX" projectile
basically a hollow point with
a plastic cover
for better ballistics
New from a factorybox.
The 460 S&W for 460 Smith & Wesson was introduced in 2005 in a joint effort by Smith & Wesson Firearms
Company and Hornady ammunition Company.
The cartridge is 1.8" longer then the 454 Casull case and develops over 2,149 foot pounds of energy and at a
velocity of 2,200 feet per second, it is a very flat shooter, and will take mid-size game out to 150 yards or more.
Not bad for a revolver cartridge !
460 S&W for Smith & Wesson, Loaded by
Jamison Brass & Ammunition Company
with 260 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point)
factory loaded from new box.