$ 47.50 per
Colt's 45 SSB
~ Colt 45 Salvo Squeeze Bore ~
In 1903 Karl Puff (German)  
proposed the idea of a Taper bore
weapon, an ingenious innovation
in which the barrel of the
weapon squeezed the projectile,
converting the short fat projectiles
into longer, narrower projectiles
with a better aerodynamic shape
before they left the muzzle.
In the early 1970's Colt
experimented with   the idea of
squeezing a sabot with 3
projectiles  to creat a Triplex
They used the sabot in the Colt
model 1971 Auto Pistol with a
special tapered bore.
The 3 projectiles would leave the
barrel of  the pistol at different
velocities and make 3 different
holes in the target, which was the
idea behind the Salvo program
- more holes more damage.
The Experimenting  was dropped
after a few years as the U.S. Armed
Forces lost interest in the Project.
Limit One!