Proprietary Rifle Cartridges
Wild West Guns Company
457 WWG Magnum
Developed in 1999 by Wild West Guns
for their "Co-Pilot" take-down rifle.
Slightly longer than a 45-70, it delivers
a 350 projectile at 2200 feet
per second, will dispatch any North
American game animal. The "Co-Pilot"
take-down rifle,  chambered in 457
WWG Mag, can also shoot 45-70 and
410 shotgun cartridges.
457 WWG
Ammunition made exclusively for Wild West Guns
by (HSM) H.S. Munitions, Inc., Montana, USA
    Wild West Guns® was founded by Jim West of Anchorage, Alaska in 1992.  They are known not only for being on
the Discovery Channel with their own TV show (Wild West Alaska), but also for being one of the best gun smithing
stores in the USA, if not the world.
    They first obtained recognition for their Race Guns, and subsequently developed the now world-famous CoPilot, a
lever-action, take-down rifle chambered in their own proprietary cartridge - the .457 WWG Magnum, along with the
.45-70 caliber.
    In early 2019 they introduced the new .30 WWG and the .35 WWG cartridges at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, a
basically necked down version of the .457 WWG cartridge; however, at this writing (03/21/19) they are still not available.
    We’re waiting for them!