457 WWG Magnum
Rifle Cartridges
457 Wild West Guns Magnum
457 WWG Magnum
Developed in 1999 by Wild West Guns
for their "Co-Pilot" take-down rifle.
Slightly longer than a 45-70, it delivers
a 350 projectile at 2200 feet
per second, will dispatch any North
American game animal. The "Co-Pilot"
take-down rifle,  chambered in 457
WWG Mag, can also shoot 45-70 and
410 shotgun cartridges.
$ 7.50 per cartridge
nickel case, no limits
457 WWG
If you haven't seen Wild West Alaska on the Discover channel, then check it out.
It is not only fun to watch, you will see some of the best gunsmiths in the business today.
Ammunition made exclusively for Wild West Guns
by (HSM) H.S. Munitions, Inc., Montana, USA
This is live ammunition;
all rules apply