455 Webley & Scott Automatic
Obsolete Pistol Cartridge Section
History of the .455 Webley Automatic Cartridge: There are three (3) versions of the 455 Webley Automatic Cartridge
which includes;  .455 Webley & Scott M.1904,  .455 Webley Automatic 1910, .455 Webley Automatic Mark I. Below is a
short history of each:
(1.) .455 Webley & Scott M.1904.  This version was an experiential cartridge produced around 1904 by Kynoch
      Ammunition Company of  England for British Army testing of the 1904 Webley & Scott self-loading pistol. The
      only picture of this cartridge I can find was a jacketed soft point projectile, head stamped: “W&S 45 AUTO .455-K.”
      Case length was .880" to .887".
(2.) .455 Webley Automatic 1910. This version was produced in small lots by the Kynoch Ammunition Company of
     England from around 1904 to around 1912.  The only head-stamp known was “W&S .AUTO 455-K."  The only picture
     of this cartridge I can find had a full metal jacket projectile.  One head stamp read “W&S .AUTO 455-K” by Kynoch.
     Case length was .921" to ..923".
(3.) Webley Automatic Mark I. This version was introduced in 1912 for use in the Webley & Scott self-loading pistol
      in the Royal British Navy, later in 1915 in the Royal Flying Corps and in 1919 in the Colt 1915 self-loading pistol
      by the Royal British Air Force. It was declared obsolete in 1927 by the British land forces. This version was available
      in many different head stamps, but a very hard item to find today.  It is now obsolete for close to over 100 years.  
     Case length was 1.223" to 1.224"