455 Revolver
455 Enfield, 455 RevolverMK I, 455 Colt,
455 Webley MK II, 455 Revolver MK VI
The 455 Revolver (Mark I) was adopted by the English Armed Forces in 1892 to replace the
455 Enfield and 476 MkIII (which have the same case dimensions).
First loaded with black powder until the English changed to a smokeless powder in 1894.
As the smokeless powder was more efficient and less powder was needed than the black powder,
the case was shortened in 1897 and called the (Mark II).
The 455 Colt (Mark I) is the same as the 455 Revolver (Mark I), it is just the Colt's name for the same
cartridge, as is the 455 Colt (MarkII) the same as the 455 Revolver (MarkII).
Ammunition was loaded by American Companies to 1930's on the (Mark I) and 1940's on the
(Mark II).
The 455 Revolver (Mark VI) has me confused?  It is the same size as the (MarkII)
and I presume it is a bullet variation of the (Mark II)
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