450 Rigby, Rimless
The 450 Rigby Magnum  was introduced in 1995 by Paul Roberts  of the Rigby Company in England.
The cartridge is basically a 416 Rigby
(introduced in 1911) case necked out to 45 caliber.
The cartridge is use in Africa and anywhere you need the stopping power for any living animal on the planet and with a 480 grain
projectile traveling at 2,350 feet per second, not much will stand up after it hits them.
British Cartridges
450 Rigby by
Hornady Manufacturing Company
of Grand Island NE, U.S.A.
Newly manufactured 2016/2017
using new Hornady brass cases
with a "Hornady 450 Rigby"
Head stamp and a 480 grain
*" FMJ (Full Metal Jacketed)
. DSG = Dangerous Game Series
Comparision picture to right
Left to Right

450 Rigby, 416 Rigby, 450 Nitro
Express, 30-30 Winchester