450 Revolver, 450 Adams, 450 Short, 450 Short Colt or 450 Corto
Obsolete Pistol Cartridges
This cartridge has more names then Carter has liver pills.
The 450 Revolver, or 450 Adams, or 450 Short or 450 Short Colt, or 450 Corto was the first
Center Fire Cartridge adopted by the British
Army in 1868.
It was used in the Adams Revolver until it was replaced in 1880 by the 476 Enfield Mark I,
which was also replace in 1892 by the 455
Revolver Cartridge.  
Now Obsolete since early 1940s.
Accept for a special run by Fiocchi, years ago!
You can fire the 450 Revolver in the 455 Webl
ey revolver.