Book:"The .450 Short Revolver Cartridge"
We are listing this book for a dear friend in Canada - Mr. Chris Punnet, who is the Vice President
of the IAA and editor of the IAA Journal.  He is without a doult one of the most knowledgable  
members of the IAA and very well respected by all in the IAA.
We are not carrying this book, as it is made in very limited quantities and Chris is shipping the
book out of his office in Canada. There is a link to his e-mail below or
click here (LINK)
132 pages, full color on quality gloss paper with laminated cover, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, wire bound - opens flat for
Covering the military & commercial development of the cartridge and the history of almost 90 companies in 21
from the 1860s to current manufacture.  Many obscure companies
not covered in available literature.
Previously unpublished drawings, including early Royal Laboratory designs, and other material.
An excellent reference even if you do not collect .450 cartridges as it covers a significant period
of ammunition development.
Fully illustrated checklist of 600+ known specimens with their headstamps (life-size cartridge photographs).
Appendices containing factory drawings, additional boxes, headstamps codes, and a detailed index.
ISBN 978-0-9919272-0-3
Price $45.00 for IAA members, $50.00 for non-members, Shipping Extra
For availability and payment details contact the author,
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(A History of Its Production and the Companies that Made It)
by Mr. Chris Punnett