The .450/.400 B.P.E. 2-3/8", (B.P.E. for Black Powder Express)
was introduced app. 1880 in England.
It was replaced by the 450/400 Nitro
(cordite smokeless powder)
for use in low pressure black powder rifles in 1899.
Then the .450/.400 Nitro Express
(smokeless powder) came
along with more power, for newer stronger rifles and not for
the older black powder rifles.
$ 39.95 per
The few cartridges
we have available here
are from the box
pictured and are over
110 years old.
"KYNOCH 450-400"
Head Stamp
Paper Patched,
Lead Projectile
British Cartridges
.450/.400 B.P.E. 2&3/8"
Limit One per Customer