11.15x58Rmm (43 Spanish)
The 11.15x58Rmm, AKA: 43 Spanish, was really the 11x57Rmm (.433") Remington,
see (Hoyem's Book Volume II, Page 335 & 326) but today it is known as the
11.15x58Rmm or 43 Spanish.
Remington developed the cartridge and tranformed the Spanish (muzzle-loading) Model
1859 (rifle) and Model 1857 (carbine) into breech-loading center-fire cartridge rifles
and carbines.
Spain adopted the cartridge and rifles in 1869 and they remained in service until 1893
when they replaced them with the 7mm Mauser.
After World War II large numbers of rifles were imported back into the USA and
Remington produced the ammunition.
Many of these rifles have since been rechambered to other calibers, such as the 348
So if you find one of these firearms, make sure you check the chamber size.
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