425 Westley Richards
British Cartridges
The 425 Westley Richards was
introduced in 1909  by
Westley Richards of England.
It has a rebated rim
(rim with less diameter
than the case
)  so it would fit
a Mauser Bolt Face or 30-06 action.
2 HeadStamps Available
These specimens come
from a box stating Westley
Richards Company, but
the Head Stamp is "K" for
Kynock, so at one point in
time Kynock must of made
cartridges or at least the
brass for the Westley
Richards Company.
    $ 14.75 Per
These cases are very nicely made
from 460 Weatherby  Cases into 425
Westley Richards Magnum.
The case on the left is a 460
Weatherby to show the amount of work
needed to make the 425 W/R.
       $ 7.75 per
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