The 425 Fossdal is a very scarce proprietary cartridge produced in early 2009.
The 425 Fossdal was developed by Bent Fossdal of Norway and is based on a lengthened
and blown out .240 Weatherby. It is loaded with a huge .423", 400 grain Barnes Banded
Solid Projectile (same diameter as the 404 Jeffery) and should produce 2100 FPS.
The case has a ghost shoulder which means the neck is parallel as in the 470 Capstick.
All the cases were made by Quality Cartridge Company in the USA and shipped to the
designer in Norway, except for a very few I was able to receive.
As this was a special run when they are gone they are gone forever.
NOTE: In the picture on the right are 3 different cartridges for size comparison:
Left to right: 30-06 (red projectile) 425 Fossdal Case, and 240 Weatherby cartridge.
Strict Limit of One per Customer!
425 Fossdal
$19.95 per Cartridge
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