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41 Special
Most cartridge collectors and shooters are familiar with the .38 Special vs the .357 Magnum or the .44 Magnum
vs the .44 Special.
The .38 & .44 Specials have a shorter case and are a less powerful version of the .38 and .44 Magnums; however, the
Specials can be shot in the Magnum firearms and deliver less recoil.
The .41 Remington Magnum (a/k/a .41 Smith & Wesson Magnum) was introduced in 1964, and a few wildcat loaders
made their own .41 specials by reducing the .41 Magnum case to 1.16" in length, or the same length as the .38 Special
and .44 Special cases.
Colt also considered and tested a .41 Special in the early 1930s, however they never commercially produced the
cartridge.  Not until 2017 did cases become available from Starline Brass Company.
New for 2017
New for 2017
Please note comparison picture
on right side of full picture.
(left) is shorter 41 Special
(right) longer .41 Remington