41 Short Colt
Short Case (SDA & DA) and Long Case or 41 SDA
Obsolete Pistol Cartridge Section
$ 4.95 per Cartridge
41 S.D.A. (Short Case) by
Western Cartridge company
41 Short Colt
41 "D.A." or "SDA" (Short case & Long case) and .41 Short case "S.A."
There are 2 different 41 Short Colts:  "S.A.", abbreviation for "Single Action revolver" and
"D.A.", or SDA abbreviation for "Short & Double Action revolver".
The biggest difference is the
S.A rim has .451" to .470" in diameter and the SDA rim is .430"
to .436" in Diameter.
(a.) The .41 Short Colt
S.A., abbreviation for "Single Action revolver", was introduced in
1875 for the Colt "New Line" single action revolvers. United Metallic Cartridge Company and  
U.S. Cartridge Company were the only companies to manufacture this version.  
(b.) The 41
D.A., or S.D.A. abbreviation for "Short Double Action revolver" was introduced
around 1890 and came in two case lengths;  a short version, and a long version.  Only U.S.
Cartridge Company and Peters manufactured the long case.
*(see note on outside lub. below)
$9.75 per Cartridge
Below please find 2 versions and 5 different head-stamps
41 D.A. (LONG CASE) by
United States Cartridge Company
Very Early 41 D.A. (S.D.A.) Short Case
by Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
Spare Space
*Most of these cartridges will look dirty
due to the outside factory lubrication, if
needed,clean with paint thinner, as some
collector like them as is and some like them
It is easy to tell the different between a
D.A. (SDA) or S.A. cases.
D.A (SDA) cases , both long and short
have a rim diameter of .430 to .436"
the earlier
S.A. cases (1875- 1920)
had a rim diameter
of .451" to .470"
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$4.95 per Cartridge
$6.75 per Cartridge
$4.95 per Cartridge
41 D.A. (S.D.A.) (Short Case) by Dominion
Cartridge Company, Canada
41 D.A (SDA) (Short Case) by
Remington (REM-UMC)
Very early 41 Short Colt, long case, but not a 41 Long Colt