In the 1970's the late Elgin Gates decided to designed a series of new Magnum cartridges. All the new cartridges were
dubbed SuperMags by Gates and were 1.610" in  length, or about three-tenths of an inch longer than standard Magnum
Cartridges. Mr. Gates made up cartridges in .357, .375, .414, .44, .45, .50, and .60 caliber.
In the 1980s  with the help of Elgin Gates,  Dan Wesson Arms produced SuperMag revolvers in .357, .375, .414,
and .445". The basic idea behind the SuperMag series was simple, it strives to offer performance that was superior to
every magnum revolver cartridge of a given diameter in existence at that time.
This was achieved by lengthening the cases to both increase powder capacity and boost operating pressures.
These Cartridges were made from Star-line Brass, not from another caliber
so some people may consider them proprietary cartridges, and others may consider them wildcats or obsolete.
414 SuperMagmun
or Wildcat
Obsolete Pistol Cartridge
$ 4.95 per Cartridge