This "M" Head Stamp 41 Short
Rim-Fire  was produced by Remington  
under a special "limited" contract run
for  Phil Medicus, of NYC, a major
dealer in collectible and exotic
ammunitionin the post WW2 period.
This was the last U.S. made 41 Short
Hard to find "M" Head Stamp.
41 Short Rim-fire
Introduced in 1863 for the National Arms Co. Derringer, and
later pistols made by Colt, Allen, Williamson, Remington, and others.  
Discontinued in the mid, to late 1940s. except for a small production run
by Navy Arms  in the 1990s.
Below are
(3) different versions available, hopefully more to follow.
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41 Short Rimfire, by Peter's Cartridge Company made before they
were bought by Remington Arms Company in the early 1930s,
which makes these over 75 years old.
The packaging lubricant is still on the cartridges,  which will clean
off in seconds in paint thinner, if needed.  Note cleaned round in
Below are .41 Short Rim Fire from Navy Arms
Below are 41 Short R.F. from Peters Cart. Co.
Below is "Special Run" of 41 Short Rim-Fire by Remington
Limit One
Cartridge per
$ 9.95 per
$ 9.95 per
The above item, 41 Short Rim Fire by Navy Arms, these will fire.
Due to special purchase we have available below, Limited amounts !
Produced in Mid. 1990's with
smokerless powder to lower
pressures for us in older
firearms. Unlike the older
products that may not fire,
this produce should, however
no refunds if they do not fire,
as they may not be ours.
$ 6.95 per cartridge, for 10 cartridges = $  69.50
$ 4.95 per cartridge, for 50 cartridges =  $ 247.50
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
$ 7.95 per cartridge, for   5 cartridges = $  44.75
$ 8.95 per cartridge, for 1 cartridge, our minimum order is
$35.00 plus shipping, however we have 1,500 items in stock.
$ 5.95 per cartridge, for 25 cartridges = $ 148.75
We are currently out of stock on 41 short rimfire.
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