41 Action Express
History of the cartridge.
The .41 Action Express, designed by Evan Whildin, vice president of Action Arms, was introduced in 1986
for the Action Arms AT-88 Semi-Auto pistol. The cartridge is a 10mm with a hugely rebated rim the
diameter of a 9mm Luger cartridge. This way the owner of the AT-88 pistol could use 9mm Luger or 41
A&E ammunition by changing out the barrel and clip.  The cartridge was also used in  IWI Jericho 941,
Desert Eagle, Baby Eagle, Tanfoglio Force TZ-99, Taurus PT92, Beretta Cougar and Uzi, pistols and UZI
carbines, also with Conversion kits can be used in 1911, Browning High power and Clock 22 pistols.  With
Velocity up to 1,100 and energy up to 450 foot pound of energy this cartridge is a very good self defense
cartridge. I have not been able to find out if any military adopted this cartridge for military use.
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