4.7 x 45mm DAG HK
Experimental Prototype
In the late 1960s to late 1970s,
many countries worked on
different ideas as part of a joint
NATO program to find a
cartridge of less than .22"
Diameter or 5.56mm caliber.
The 4.7 x 45 mm cartridge was
one of 4 or 5  different calibers
of  cartridges used in the H&K,
for the HK36 rifle.
(Not to be confused with the
current 4.6x30mm for the HK MP7,
nor with the current HK G36
5.56mm rifle.)
There is also the capillary problem
with the really small bores; any
water which gets into the barrel will
be difficult to dislodge.
This cartridge has sold in
the past at auction for as
high as $70.00!
$ 9.95 per
Now here is a deal!