In the late 1960s to late 1970s, many
countries worked on different ideas as  
of a joint NATO program to find a
of less than .22" Diameter or
5.56mm caliber.
The 4.3x45mm (DAG) headstamp was one
of several prototype calibers used by
Heckler& Koch of Germany & Spain for
the H&K "G11" Weapon System.
H&K finalized their experimental
program with the 4.6x36mm “spoon�
The H&K G11 Weapon System also used
other traditional calibers:7.62 51 mm,7.62x
39mm,  5.56 x 45 mm,  9 x 19 mm, 40 mm.
These (1975) 4.3x45mm cartridges were
produced by Dynamit Nobel = ( DAG) =  
Dynamit NobelA-G, Troisdorf, Germany.
$ 6.75 per
Experiment Prototype