38 Super, 38 Super Auto & 38 Super Auto +P
DO NOT USE 38 SUPER in a  9x23mm Winchester or 38 AUTO (ACP) pistol.
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Below are 38 Super cartridges currently available.
Current Pistol Cartridge Section
The 38 Super was introduced in 1929 to replaced the 38 ACP or 38 AUTO.
The 38 Super is the same case size as the 38 ACP cartridge case but with a
higher energy level, with
newer and different gun powders. The 38 Super Auto, is also called the 38 Super, and also the 38 Super +P.
The 38 Super & 38ACP cartridge is 9x23mm SR (Semi-Rimmed)  it is not the same as the 9x23mm
Winchester, which is rimless, and a small diameter rim.