38 A.M.U.
History of this cartridge: The 38 A.M.U.  (Army Marksmanship Unit)  is a 38 Special (Rimmed)
Cartridge, made  Rimless! or in other words a Rimless 38 Special Cartridge, introduced for the
1964 Army National Match, used in special 1911 pistols made by Colt with Drake Slides.
We are not sure how many  manufacturers produced this cartridge, but to the best of our
knowledge, it is no longer offered by any maker, making it an "Obsolete Pistol Cartridge
(Army Marksmanship Unit)
Obsolete Pistol & Military Cartridge Section
Please note: In picture, regular 38 Special (Rimmed) vs 38 A.M.U. (Rimless)
Brass Case
Nickel Plated Brass Case